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High Commission – Big Ticket Sales Opportunity

Helping people sell their businesses and working with entrepreneurs to acquire businesses is an exciting and challenging career—and the market for selling businesses has never been better. This is due in part to the availability of financing, a strong economy and the Washington/Baltimore area’s rapid population growth.

Our business brokers provide the following services to our clients:

  1. Preparation of preliminary presentation materials that are provided to buyer prospects.
  2. Seek out qualified buyers through an aggressive marketing plan that includes direct mail, personal contacts, placement of blind ads in various publications, utilizing our referral network of accountants, attorneys and business contacts, as well as our website.
  3. Schedule tours of the business and coordinate meetings between the principals.
  4. Negotiate letters of intent and/or earnest money contracts on behalf of our clients.
  5. Provide follow-up and coordination with the principals and their advisors to help ensure a successful conclusion.

Our sales associates have many tools and support services to help find motivated sellers and buyers. Every month over 100 buyer prospects including corporations, investment firms, and individuals contact us regarding their interest in buying existing businesses. Beltway has the expertise to find qualified buyers and consummate successful transactions.

Who We Are Looking For
There is no specific background or educational achievement that ensures success in business brokerage. Generally individuals who have sales experience, particularly those who have owned their own business or come from families who have owned their own businesses, are more likely to be successful in business brokerage. Additionally, however, we look for people who have a strong desire to succeed financially, a willingness to learn, and enjoy working with business people in achieving their goals. As an independent contractor you will have the freedom to direct your own full time work schedule in conjunction with the support services provided by Beltway.

Complete training is provided by  Beltway’s senior staff. The training programs include:

  • Contacting business owners and educating them on the process of selling their business
  • Properly qualifying buyer prospects
  • Analyzing and normalizing financial statements
  • Valuation of businesses
  • Negotiating business acquisitions for business and real estate sales
  • Completion of forms and contracts
  • Goal Setting
  • Understanding property leases
  • Handling mergers & acquisitions
  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • Developing your referral network
  • Closing documentation requirements

Following the initial training, usually about two weeks, the associate is assigned to a “mentor”, who is a senior sales associate who will provide hands on experience in dealing with business buyers and sellers. The mentor will assist the new associate in developing goals and implementing a marketing program tailored to the new associate’s experience and training. To help ensure the success of the new associate, the mentor will monitor the new associate’s activities, participate in interviews with sellers and buyers, provide assistance in the proper completion of forms and contracts, and provide advice regarding negotiations and techniques for completing successful transactions.

At Beltway, we believe that education is not a goal, but rather an ongoing requirement which is necessary to keep Beltway on the leading edge of the ever changing and dynamic industry of business sales and acquisitions.

Support Services

  • Advertising: We advertise businesses for sale in local, regional and industry publications.
  • Telemarketing: Many referrals of sellers and buyers are generated each week from our active telemarketing staff.
  • Direct Mail: We utilize a targeted direct mail program to make business owners aware of our brokerage services and open doors for our sales associates to talk to motivated Sellers.
  • Referrals: We generate referrals from accountants, attorneys, bankers, real estate brokers, suppliers, and satisfied clients and customers.
  • Website: We advertise our website in our print ads so prospective buyers and sellers can review our services, find information on buying and selling businesses, and to search for businesses to buy.

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