STATEAsking Price
RevenueAnnual Profit
2059The Land and Building has been appraised at the $1.7MM level and will prove to be a great real estate investment. The business has been valued at over $750,000 based on a 4 times earning calculation and $300,000 of Capital equipment being provided by Seller. This Sign Business has been focused on their always growing list of General Contractors who have always been the Foundation of their Customer Lists. They do a good volume of Business with Property Management Companies, Real Estate Companies and Vehicle "wrap" sign work. A good growth area for this business is the weekend "road-sign" business. The Owner's will stay with the New Owner to help with the transition activities and help the new owner get connected to the existing loyal customer base.
Please contact me for complete Confidentiality Agreement.
Sign Manufacturing Business Washington Metropolitan AreaMaryland$1,995,000.Will provideWill provide
2057This fantastic 19 acres of industrial land and 3 businesses are located next to 2 interstate highways that have hundreds of Manufacturing, warehouses and Distribution Centers located about 12 miles from 4 State Lines. This building has about 9 buildings that house several automotive buildings including 3 large automotive businesses that will be sold with the above land. First we have one of the Largest Auto Body Shops in the market area doing over $2 Million in Sales with a net well over 10%. This Body Shop just invested over $100,000 in a new paint booth and has one of the market areas "Best" painters who is expected to stay with the new owner.
Please ask for Complete Executive Summary
Body Shop - Tow Truck & Trucking Business HagerstownMaryland$9,700,000.Will provideWill provide
2045This "FOR SALE" business for over 45 years has focused on building it's Commercial & Residential FLOORING business. They were excited to provide their Kitchen and Bathroom Designs & Installations to their valued, loyal customers. This business is doing 5.8 Million in Sales and has a NET of 23% or about 1.1 Million. This business is being offered at a FIRM Price of $4,995,000.Flooring - Kitchen & BathroomFrederick CountyMaryland$4,995,000.$5,800,000.$1,100,000. or 23%
2046This 40 year old business is doing $2.16 Million in Sales and has been growing in the past several years. It has a net profit and owners benefits of $500,000. PLUS for the year; a 24% net. This business is priced right at $2,195,000.

Please request complete Executive Summary.
Steel Fabricator - Rails - Steel Fabricator - Beams Beltway Area Maryland$2,195,000.$2,160,000.$500,000. PLUS
24% Net for the year
2017This most interesting commercial property is 23 acres of Commercially zoned property. It has about 9 tenants that use about 4.5 acres and pay about $12,000. in rent. One of the tenants, who is also the owner of the business, has 4 auctions each year that are focused on the Construction Equipment, transportation and other specialty heavy equipment.23 Acre Auction Yard For Sale - Heavy Equipment & Construction Equipment10 miles from where the 4 states merge together.Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania$3,500,000.Will provideWill provide
7035Small Alarm CompanySmall Alarm Security CompanyVirginiaVirginia$200,000.$150,000.$24,000. RMR plus
$120,000. non-alarm account sales/service with 30% net profit.
7034This Alarm Security Business has been serving Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Customers for over 40 years. They still have about 450 accounts and they still service about 1,000 customers that they sold to an investment group. They still receive sales leads from that group of customers and are paid for any required service calls on those customers.Alarm-Safety Life Safety BusinessNorthern VirginiaVirginia$729,000.$650,000.$140,000.
7034This Alarm Security Business has been serving Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Customers for over 40 years. They still have about 450 accounts and they still service about 1,000 customers that they sold to an investment group. They still receive sales leads from that group of customers and are paid for any required service calls on those customers.Alarm-Safety Life Safety BusinessNorthern VirginiaVirginia$729,000.$650,000.$140,000.
2026This is one of our Most Interesting Life Safety Business Listings in the last 25 years. Dennis Riley, the business broker listing this business for sale, has bought, built & sold 31 of his own Life Safety businesses in 17 Cities Nationwide. He is looking for the Right Buyer for this business that may have an interest in growing a Large National or Regional Life Safety Business. The following is a list of Key "Things" you will want to know about this business.
Please request the complete Executive Summary.
Southern VA Alarm-Security Life Safety Business for Sale with Central Station and Property.Southern VirginiaVirginia$950,000.$1,200,000.$120,000.
2021This is one of the most interesting businesses we have listed in the past few years. It was part of a 42 year old Alarm Security Business. There are about 100 of these Central Station Alarm Companies Nationwide that monitor the accounts for about 16,000 Alarm-Security Businesses Nationwide and other special customers. The below numbered items have a lot of information that you will want to know a lot about. This business was doing about $700,000. of Annual Sales and is now "Rebuilding" it's business. It is located on the East Coast and can be moved however it is in it's own free-standing building that was specially designed to be a UL Approved Central Station with many needed requirements including a standby Electrical Generator.
Please request Complete Executive Summary.
Central Station Alarm Company & "Call Center" Marketing CompanySouthern VirginiaVirginia$295,000.$700,000.$100,000.
7022This Fire Extinguisher -Life Safety Business is a Start-up Businesses that is ready to add Alarm-Security to its present Fire Extinguisher and other Life Safety :Profit Centers. Two of the most interesting "Things" about this low priced Life Safety Business is the Fact that the SELLER will take a note for 80% of the purchase price. And the "Risk" levels are very low. You will own 100% of the Business and we connect you to "Partners" that can Help you Grow your Business. If one of your Customers wants a Quality Video System that connects to their "Smart Phone", we have a quality "Partner" who will help you design the right System and then He will Install it for you. When you get real Busy with Video, we will then help you find a full time technician that can do the , Ror a lot more information on this Life Safety, send us a note and ask for details on "Life Safety USA" and you will want to join our Association. Fire Extinguisher - Life Safety - Fire Alarm InspectionsWashington DC - Northern Va. & BaltimoreMaryland$95,000$400.000$75.000
2015Caribbean, West Indies, talk about a place to spend your "Winters" building the Largest Life Safety Business in the South Sea's, this is the place. This 21 year old business has been built around it's Central Station. This Alarm-Security Life Safety Business is located on one of the Larger, highly populated islands. It is more than ready to expand to near-by islands. We are looking for a special Investor-Buyer that would be interested in Buying several smaller Life Safety Businesses in these markets and making this "Foundation" business the "Hub" to protect as many of these Island Nations as possible.
Please request complete Executive Summary.
Alarm-Security Life Safety Central Station Fire ProtectionCaribbean - West IndiesCaribbean - West Indies$2,600,000.$1,800,000.$450,000.
2010This 15 year old business is a Spin-off of a Large Plumbing Business & Kitchen-Bathroom Remodeling Business. The Water Backflow Business is one of the most important "Profit Centers" of the Life Safety Industries. Below is a list of items you will want a lot more about if you are interested in Buying this Business.
Please request the complete Executive Summary.
Water Backflow BusinessWashington, DC - BaltimoreMaryland$95,000.$240,000.$75,000.
6906This is an interesting and growing Auto Salvage Business. -- It is a 2 location Business, the Maryland location has 80 Acres of which 17 are used for the Auto Salvage. -- The land could be developed into an Industrial Park with a focus on the Automotive Industries. -- This Property has a nice home for the-Manager Owner, Plus 4 Buildings with an office full of Auto Parts, Engines & Transmissions warehoused and ready to ship. -- This is a modern Computerized Used Auto Parts Business. -- They ship to Customers on the East Coast and else where. -- Their 2nd Location is in Pa. on 3 Acres.-- They have over 100 Auto Body Shops that are the foundation of their Business. Their Gross Sales of $3.9 million is growing. -- They have just built a New 3,000 sq. ft. Dismantling Garage with 11 Lifts. -- They Buy over 160 Cars Per Month, run them thru the Dismantling shop, pull and warehouse marketable parts, there are over 1,400 Cars on the "PICK & PULL lot which is one of his many Profit Centers. The Broker Handling this Transaction is Dennis Riley who is a Specialist on Auto Salvage, he can answer most of your questions and can advise on suggestions to expand this Business. Exporting Used Cars & Parts in Container is a Great Growing part of the Business. Internet Sales is a Growing Part of the Business and is now over $6,000 per week. The Tail-Light Business is a Profit Center that is also growing, The New owner should just Build a warehouse that is full of the Tail Lights. One Competitor does over $16 Million per year just in Tail Lights and other auto Lighting. --There is over $400,000 in Capital Equipment, including Tow Trucks, Delivery Trucks, A car Crusher, Front-end Loaders, and a shop full of tools- plus. -- The Used Car Business can be expanded. The Broker Dennis Riley suggest that you should Build several Buildings and SELL Automotive Businesses that Compliment your other Profit Centers. There is room for a used Car Dealership,& an Auto Body-Paint Shop,- Another Automotive Repair Shop that just does the Transmission Repairs & Replacements, and another that Specialize in Engine replacements & Repairs. Please call Dennis Riley today to talk about this opportunity & then let's go take a look, seeing is believing.Auto Salvage - Auto Sales - Used Auto Parts -- Internet Business & ExportingNorth-East Maryland & Eastern Pa.Maryland$5,200,000$3,700.000$800,000
2040This Rapidly Growing Business is ready to expand it's marketing to a much larger market. The $1.5 Million in Capital Equipment is relatively new and in Excellent condition. Their installation & service team of 10 people is well experienced and is expected to stay with the new owner.
Please request a copy of the complete Executive Summary.
Asphalt Paving
Southern MD & Northern VirginiaMaryland & Virginia$2,900,000.$2,500,000.$350,000.
2043This Business is located West of Washington, DC. This plant is the leading supplier in this market area. It is a low competitive market, one competitor is 18 miles away and another is 23 miles. The new Lab that is being developed is 75% completed. When opened it will open a new volume of Business for State and County Road work. Much of the volume now is with 3 Dozen Driveway Paving Contractors and General Contractors. The 8 Acres of land is included in the above price. There is room for a needed/suggested Concrete Mixing Plant. Cross marketing to the Construction Industry will increase the volume. There is extra room for a few Driveway Pavers to rent space and be near to their supply.
Please request the complete Executive Summary.
Plant with Building & LandWest of Washington, DCMaryland$1,995,000.$1,500,000.$210,000.
7005Auto Salvage Yard One of the Largest Inventory of Used Auto Parts on the East Coast -- Over 4,000 Cars & Pick-up Truck on 23 acres of land which can be an Industrial Park. Each Car is loaded with Parts , Each Pick-up truck over 200 are all loades with Marketable Inventory. 2 Warehouses are Loaded with Engines & Transmissions on Pallets ready to ship. This Businesses is from the "Stone Ages", -- This is good News, a new Owner who Modernizes this Business, Put all of the Millions of Auto Parts on the Computers will increase Sales from the Present $1.2 Million in sale to over $4,000,000 in the first new year. The Internet is the Name of the Game. -- There is over 1,000 Crushed Cars ready for the Shredder. -- There is over $250,000 in Capital Equipment Including a "Dismantling"shop with 2 Lifts, 2 Front -End Loaders to move cars, A Crusher -- They Sell Many Tons of Scrap to a Near by Shredder. The Income of $250,000 per year must move to $900,000 per year. It all about Marketing and Up-Grading systems & Personnel. -- Dennis Riley The Broker in this transaction, knows about 10 areas of this Business that can grow this in to a $10,Million dollar Business in about 3 years. You need to have a great conversation with Dennis Riley about this Business, you will want to read his "Executive Summary" about this Business. The SELLING of core Parts is a big part of this Business.Auto Salvage -Used Auto PartsEastern Pa.Pennsylvania$4,900,000$1.200.000$250,000