STATEAsking Price
RevenueAnnual Profit
7o33A Great Interior Build-out Construction Company - Doing over $35 Million In Sales. -- This is the 2nd Generation Family Owned Business. The owner is ready to retire, but can stay for a 1 year transfer of ownership and phase in with the lonterm relationships with Major Corporation Customers. He has a Large staff of Construction Design & Build Engineers & very capable "Project Managers that supervise Quality Sub-Contractors who have been with the SELLER for many years. They own their own Class A Office Building that the Buyer can have an option to purchase. They do Interior Build-outs for some of the largest Office Buildings in Washington DC & Baltimore. They do a lot of Business with the Communication Industries and have done many with Large Computer rooms and needed Emergency standby power. They have a large number of Large Property Management Companies that provide them with a lot of repete work for Tenants of old & New Buildings. One of the Big values of this Business is the staff that gets projects done on schedule and on Budget. This Busi Construction CompanyPrince GeorgeMD$6,400,000$39,000,0001,400,000
7040Waterfront restaurant with liquor license. seats 40 inside 40 outside , catering on premise -weddings, 2 rental income homes on property.fantastic water views .accessible by boat . 2 piers .please ask for executive summary .Waterfront RestaurantSouthern MarylandMd785,000$300,000$90,000
7032This Alarm- Integration Business is focused on the larger Government contractors, Embassies & others for Access Control, Fire Alarms, Video Monitored Systems. -- they are specialist at doing S.K.I.F. High Security Rooms. They do a few smaller Commercial Alarms & Residential Systems -- They have 3 High level technicians with over 25 years of collective Experience.- They have a Growing Inspection Business for the required Annual & Semi annual inspections of Fire Alarms, Sprinklers, water Back-flows that produce R.M.R. (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue). -- Life Safety - Alarm Security - VideoNorthern, Va.Virginia$1,400,000$1.500.000$300,000
7041Fire Equipment /Life Safety/Alarm Security
products and services.15 employees .Kitchen fire supression systems,
Life SafetySouthern Va. covering 3 statesVirginia$2,195,000.$2,300,000.$400,000
7027 This Alarm-Security Life Safety Business specialize in Residential Alarms with Custom Builders & House "Flippers". He is doing a high volume of about 24 monitored systems per month. He gets higher prices then most of his competitors. -- He will work for the new owner for 2 years until he moves south for retirement - He has been a Sales Trainer & Recruiter for Leading Nationwide Life Safety Companies. The Seller would like to help take you into the Commercial side of the Business which will help Build that most important R.M.R. (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue). -- He has just added Video Central Station & "Smart Phone" monitoring to his Business. You will want to know about his suggestion to Join a National Company "Life Safety USA" that can help you get work from the Largest Retail Change Stores and other Multi-Location Business Nationwide, -- This Business now has 12 "Profit Centers"
The Seller want to suggest that you add 3 or 4 new Profit Centers each year and get a lot of Cross Marketing opportunities. If you want to expand your Life Safety Business you will want to look at -- you need to join this Association. -- The Broker handling this transaction is Dennis Riley who has Bought, built & sold 32 of these Life Safety Businesses in 17 Cities Coast to Coast.
Life Safety - Alarm- Security & Fire ExtinguishersWashington DC Beltway & surrounding MarketsMaryland$249,000$600,000$180,---
7024This is a most Interesting Bath Room Remodeling Business.This is one of the best Low Priced valuable Businesses we have listed in the last 3 years. It is a Manufacturing Business and a Installing - Refinishing Business. It's Largest Competitor is "Bath Fitter" that is Nationwide and you see on TV. -- There are only 7 Manufacturers of "Tub Liners" in the United States this one is ready to expand into a large Regional Distributor to Dealers. You are getting a $300,000 Manufacturing for Free, the Installing -Refinishing part of the Business is worth the $295,000 asking price and the owner may consider taking a 60% note from a qualified Buyer. The Manufacturing side of this Business is most Interesting, they own 100 plus Molds for the most popular Tubs, these Molds cost about $3,500 each & the Manufacturing oven cost about $80,000 which has just been rebuilt. This Business has a wholesale Group that does a large volume with Apartments & Property Management Companies, they can redo 4 Bathrooms per day with one Technician, there Residential retail group doubles the sale to a Residential Customer & saves these Customers Thousands of dollars over the installation of new Tubs & Sinks. This Business has been competitive for over 35 years from the same location in the Washington DC Market area.Bath Room RemodelingWashington DC, Baltimore & Northern Va.Maryland$395,000$1,200,000$125,000
7022This Fire Extinguisher -Life Safety Business is a Start-up Businesses that is ready to add Alarm-Security to its present Fire Extinguisher and other Life Safety :Profit Centers. Two of the most interesting "Things" about this low priced Life Safety Business is the Fact that the SELLER will take a note for 80% of the purchase price. And the "Risk" levels are very low. You will own 100% of the Business and we connect you to "Partners" that can Help you Grow your Business. If one of your Customers wants a Quality Video System that connects to their "Smart Phone", we have a quality "Partner" who will help you design the right System and then He will Install it for you. When you get real Busy with Video, we will then help you find a full time technician that can do the , Ror a lot more information on this Life Safety, send us a note and ask for details on "Life Safety USA" and you will want to join our Association. Fire Extinguisher - Life Safety - Fire Alarm InspectionsWashington DC - Northern Va. & BaltimoreMaryland$95,000$400.000$75.000
7018Restaurant - Bar - Catering & room to add Pizza Delivery -- The Sports Bar does well with the locals -- Beer & Wine with off sales -- good delivery Business -- In Montgomery County -- Good Lunch Business - Lottery & Western Union -- Good Restaurant Menue Delivery Business -- Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner -- Restaurant - Bar - Catering Montgomery CountyMaryland$190,0004240.000 $70,000
6906This is an interesting and growing Auto Salvage Business. -- It is a 2 location Business, the Maryland location has 80 Acres of which 17 are used for the Auto Salvage. -- The land could be developed into an Industrial Park with a focus on the Automotive Industries. -- This Property has a nice home for the-Manager Owner, Plus 4 Buildings with an office full of Auto Parts, Engines & Transmissions warehoused and ready to ship. -- This is a modern Computerized Used Auto Parts Business. -- They ship to Customers on the East Coast and else where. -- Their 2nd Location is in Pa. on 3 Acres.-- They have over 100 Auto Body Shops that are the foundation of their Business. Their Gross Sales of $3.9 million is growing. -- They have just built a New 3,000 sq. ft. Dismantling Garage with 11 Lifts. -- They Buy over 160 Cars Per Month, run them thru the Dismantling shop, pull and warehouse marketable parts, there are over 1,400 Cars on the "PICK & PULL lot which is one of his many Profit Centers. The Broker Handling this Transaction is Dennis Riley who is a Specialist on Auto Salvage, he can answer most of your questions and can advise on suggestions to expand this Business. Exporting Used Cars & Parts in Container is a Great Growing part of the Business. Internet Sales is a Growing Part of the Business and is now over $6,000 per week. The Tail-Light Business is a Profit Center that is also growing, The New owner should just Build a warehouse that is full of the Tail Lights. One Competitor does over $16 Million per year just in Tail Lights and other auto Lighting. --There is over $400,000 in Capital Equipment, including Tow Trucks, Delivery Trucks, A car Crusher, Front-end Loaders, and a shop full of tools- plus. -- The Used Car Business can be expanded. The Broker Dennis Riley suggest that you should Build several Buildings and SELL Automotive Businesses that Compliment your other Profit Centers. There is room for a used Car Dealership,& an Auto Body-Paint Shop,- Another Automotive Repair Shop that just does the Transmission Repairs & Replacements, and another that Specialize in Engine replacements & Repairs. Please call Dennis Riley today to talk about this opportunity & then let's go take a look, seeing is believing.Auto Salvage - Auto Sales - Used Auto Parts -- Internet Business & ExportingNorth-East Maryland & Eastern Pa.Maryland$5,200,000$3,700.000$800,000
7005Auto Salvage Yard One of the Largest Inventory of Used Auto Parts on the East Coast -- Over 4,000 Cars & Pick-up Truck on 23 acres of land which can be an Industrial Park. Each Car is loaded with Parts , Each Pick-up truck over 200 are all loades with Marketable Inventory. 2 Warehouses are Loaded with Engines & Transmissions on Pallets ready to ship. This Businesses is from the "Stone Ages", -- This is good News, a new Owner who Modernizes this Business, Put all of the Millions of Auto Parts on the Computers will increase Sales from the Present $1.2 Million in sale to over $4,000,000 in the first new year. The Internet is the Name of the Game. -- There is over 1,000 Crushed Cars ready for the Shredder. -- There is over $250,000 in Capital Equipment Including a "Dismantling"shop with 2 Lifts, 2 Front -End Loaders to move cars, A Crusher -- They Sell Many Tons of Scrap to a Near by Shredder. The Income of $250,000 per year must move to $900,000 per year. It all about Marketing and Up-Grading systems & Personnel. -- Dennis Riley The Broker in this transaction, knows about 10 areas of this Business that can grow this in to a $10,Million dollar Business in about 3 years. You need to have a great conversation with Dennis Riley about this Business, you will want to read his "Executive Summary" about this Business. The SELLING of core Parts is a big part of this Business.Auto Salvage -Used Auto PartsEastern Pa.Pennsylvania$4,900,000$1.200.000$250,000
7042Fire Extinguisher sales and service company. 2 service installation vechicles,shop refilling equipment ,new fire extinguishers mark up 110%,, covers Baltimore and DC areas. New life safety products and services should be offered.Fire Extinguishers Sakes and ServicesBaltimore , WashingtonMaryland$160,000$200,000$60,000
7036Boat - Canvas /Upholstery Chesapeake Bay Area ,2 shop technicians will stay with new owner.Key profit centers are Window treatments, Curtains, drapes,Awnings,cushions,upholstery. Gross sales have been 300k -500k yearly .$40,000 worth of sewing machines /equipment .The property is 2 blocks from the Chesapeake Bay with 100's of marinas in the area.Low overhead .This business is being sold for less than 2 1/2 x earnings .Boat canvas / UpholsteryAnnapolisMaryland$695,000$300,000 plus$100,000
7043 Large life safety company providing 15 profit centers ,including fire alarms, burglar alarms,fire alarm monitoring ,major inspection business of life safety as required by code .video surveillance, cloud hosting ,access control.Life SafetyLas Vegas NevadaNevada$3,400,000.$2,400,000.$600,000
7044-Alarm Security Company .22 years in business,Speciality in fire Alarms -over 200 accounts that produce 11k RMR
Life Saety Los Angeles CaliforniaCalifornia$449,000$440,000$110,000
141Furniture Restoration Business , Fine Woodworking Cabinetry Shop serving area for 15 years.Marketing to Speciality contracrors.Shop fully equipped with over 50K in tools,and equipment.In Condo Industrial park.Property for sale at $289K.Furniture RestorationWashington Metropolitan AreaMaryland$225,000$220,000$75,000
155Fire Alarm /Life Safety
Licensed in 3 states,PA,DE,NJ . 19 year old Life Safety Business NICET4 Fire Alarm Specialist connected to many contractors....130 monitored accountsthat each produce approx.$144K annually .Company does $320K in new sales.Profit in this business is the equity gain .
Life SafetyPhiladelphia/Trenton NJPa .,NJ$595,000$450,000$110,000
136Portable Storage Company located between the Balttimore and the WAshington Beltways.have 183 containers . 3 trucks deliver and set them up .Largest customers are restoration /insurance companies.Movers use these as do companies repairing homes from fire and flood damage.Storage Baltimore / Washington Maryland$495,000$280,000$80,000
142Ace Automotive Repair- This business
has 2 lifts, new tire changer ,about 70K in equipment . 11 years at this location .
Automotive RepairFalls Church VaVa$65,000$200,000$40,000
143Fire Extinguishers Sales and Service- A Life Safety USA Business .Focused on providing services and products to property management companies, commercial businesses, Educational institutions,and Government agencies.Fire Extinguishers Sales ,Service , Inspection and Life Safety Products and ServicesNorthern VA.-serving Md. , Va., DC areaVa.$95,000$240,000$70,000
144Carpet Cleaning and Water Restoration Business Working with many Property Management companies that use this service to make the apartments look like new each time they are rented .The business is over 15 years old and ready to add another truck to what can be a growing fleet.They also work with commercial property management companies and clean office bldg. carpeting .They are specialists with a growing need for water restoration .They also get a lot of business from plumbers who are responding to broken water heater flooding .The current owner will train new owners and help with smooth transfer .Carpet Cleaning
and Restoration after flooding
Northern Va.Va.$95,000$240,000$70,000
7013Automotive car repair --this 30 year old business is one of the best small repair Businesses in Montgomery County -- they have good customers who have been using him for years. The Business has 2 lifts and room for a 3rd mechanic. -- They are in an industrial park in a condo building owned by the SELLER - you can rent or buy the building -- This is a great location -- It is priced low to sell -- the owner will stay part-time -- Used Cars sales can be added to this Business --Automotive Repairs & used CarsMontgomery CountyMaryland$145,000$380,000$60,000
7029This Automotive Repair Business & Auto Body Shop is ready to grow to the next level with an aggressive new owner. -- Their Special 3 door Paint Booth - down draft - is used by other Body shops for extra income -- The Broker Handling this listing is Beltway automotive expert Seabern Hill and he can help you grow this Business. The repair Business has 5 Bays with 3 Lifts and another $200,000 of Capital Improvements & auto repair equipment that comes with the shop. -- There is a storage area that will hold 50 plus cars if you wish to expand into Towing. -- ask for the long list of shop equipment. -- Auto Repair & Body ShopPrince GeorgesMaryland$500,000$480,000$180,000
7025This Commercial-Residential Alarm Security & Life Safety Business is the best one we have out of about 14 we have For Sale. -- This 37 plus year old Company has the Largest Market share in their 2 best Counties, and a Big market share in the Greater area of Washington DC & Baltimore & Northern, Va. -- They have 2,200 plus monitored accounts that produce that most important R.M.R. (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue). -- They Protect about 100 Government Buildings, including Court Houses, Fire Departments, Schools, Libraries & other Government Buildings. They do many of the Banks in their Market Area. -- They Focus on Commercial Alarm Accounts, Fire Alarms, Access Control, Video and about 14 "Profit Centers. The Owner is ready to retire and want to make sure the new owner will take good care of his Technicians and 5 other employees. Most of his People have been with him for over 15 years or longer. This Business is ready to go to the next level, it has no Sales Department, the owner and Operation Manager do most of the sale from referrals. A new owner will want to add several new "Profit Centers" and will want to Talk with Dennis Riley who was a Major Competitor in this Market, and knows the Industry well. Dennis Riley can give you some most interesting Information about this most Profitable Business. You need to know why you gain about $3 of equity for every dollar you earn from the operational side of this Business.. Central Station - Alarm Security Life Safety Washington DC, Northern Va., & BaltimoreMaryland$2,600.000$1,400,000$450,000