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Dennis Riley has been an entrepreneur all of his life. At 19 years old, Dennis started working at building his first business. Over the past 40 years he has owned and operated more than 32 businesses from coast to coast. His specialty has been the Alarm Security Industry .He has bought many small businesses and built them up and then later sold them. He has sold businesses to ASG, CINTAS, ADT, Honeywell and many other top tier businesses. He has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers complete their transactions. Dennis has connections with multiple attorneys, bankers and business CEO’s.

Dennis has been a member of many trade organizations and won awards from the industries he has worked for. Dennis has been a consultant to IBM, Westinghouse and some of the countries largest law firms. It takes the experience of a seasoned, well known and well respected broker to get you the business you want to buy or top dollar for the business you want to sell.

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